About us

Curious to know on what we do? Here it is...

A pioneering India-based Internet-solutions company, with experienced professional developers working remotely, almost all over the world.

Being a team of engineers with strong expertise and robust experience of more than 15 years in building Enterprise Applications, we provide technology solutions to our customers in building dynamic web sites or SAAS (Software As A Service) products. We have strong expertise in building ASP.NET CORE RESTful web applications, with a responsive web-design using Angular, ReactJS and jQuery. We have string expertise in designing and building robust data marts using SQL Server, that could handle bigger volume of data. We have experience in optimizing the data storage in the SQL Server, so that the system responds in less than 3 seconds, even when it involves processing a million records.


Building responsive Web Apps, mobile apps and desktop apps based on ASP.NET, AngularJs, ReactJS and ElectronJs.


Building automatic chat bots and email bots, that are capable of running custom campaigns to the customers.


Re-engineering your exitsing products to the latest cutting-edge architecture using ASP.NET and optimizing the SQL database for best performance.

Email Bot

Email marketing solution that can reach even 1 million users in a day

A robust and simple email marketing solution designed to reach millions of people in a day. It is complaint of CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. A solution which has the artifical intelligence to switch the campaigns based on the customer response. The frequency in which the email has to be delivered can be custom calibrated by the user.

Messenger Chatbot

Artifical Intelligence (AI) enabled Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Configurable chatbot for Facebook Messenger platform, that is capable of sending messages for thousands of users in a day. An automatic chatbot capable of answering the common queries from the customers and provide quick reply options to the customers to make the conversation easier for the end users.

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